Oculus Rift touch | Best VR Headset!

Coming a long way from the DK one, the Oculus Rift is one of the best VR devices on the market today. You can pick up one of these systems for round four hundred bucks plus the cost of a computer that can handle that game play. If you could cover the prerequisites, the Oculus Rift will not disappoint.

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Out of the box the, Oculus Rift touch ships with two controllers, two sensors and a cloth slash hard shell headset. The headset attaches to your face via velcro straps. These straps help reduce the weight of the console while providing full support. The Oculus Rift connects to your computer add has a very easy to follow set up program. One of the advantages of the Oculus Rift is that the software allows you to play. Only Oculus games but also steam VR games.

The controller shipped with the Oculus Rift offers one of the best haptic feedbacks in vr-2 Market. Currently HTC Vive and some of the other competitors do not compare to the intuitive and beautiful design of these controllers. Motion is Track by two sensors that will sit in front of your expected gaming area. A guardian system can be activated to help you prevent hitting or injuring yourself while in gameplay.


Oculus Rift touch has a large Market of games. One of the most popular games is a first person shooter called Robo recall. Accompanied with a powerful gaming computer, the Oculus Rift will definitely give you the best in VR experience.

From my experience using the Oculus Rift touch, the game play is immersive and it draws you in. what did two controllers, you are able to navigate through your virtual reality universe and interact with ease. Although the tracking can sometimes get lost when moving around, it is adequate enough to support the type of gameplay you would want from a device at this price point.

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