Top 20 VR Games

This year is turning out to be an exciting year for VR Gaming. For all consoles, the games that are coming out in this year are very impressive. Check out our list of the top 20 VR games scheduled to come out for 2019. These are some of the best VR games on the market today.

20. The Spy Who Shrunk Me

The spy that shrunk meThe Spy Who Shrunk Me is a stealth game where you are a spy armed with a shrink pistol. Your task is to sabotage operations in the 1980s in Moscow. Using your shrink ray, you can shrink enemies, pick them up, throw them in the trash or feed them to paper shredders. Yup, this is a game that is already comedic by just reading its description. Right now, the game is only available as a flat PC game and in early access, but the developers are planning a full VR release in March 2019 for every VR headset that works with SteamVR. The developers have said that the current state of the game is playable from start to finish. Just missing a few features like localization, proper polish, options menu and the entire VR version of the game. It is already fully voiced with stealth action ready. Later on, the game will have more levels and
more gadgets to use. Judging by the gameplay videos already online, we feel that this game would make a fun addition to VR.

19. Population: One

Population onePopulation: One is a very promising battle royale VR shooter. You’ll be able to explore, fight and loot in an expansive one square kilometer world - which looks beautiful by the way. What makes this VR game unique right now, is that this game features Free Motion. The developers Big Box VR have been spending months researching player comfort in Virtual Reality and through many playtests developed an advanced technology that allows players to move in VR without discomfort freely. Free Motion has been added to the game, making you able to climb anything you want to gain a tactical advantage. You can also build your bases to climb, which reminds us of Fortnite. You’ll also have a glider that you can use to fly around. Right now, you can opt-in for the private betas which you will have to be approved for. But if you are interested, definitely try it! We feel that this is going to be one of the games to look out for if you are into competitive games.

18. Nostos VR

Nostos VRNostos VR is a cross-platform, open world MMORPG for PC and all major VR headsets. Supported devices include HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PSVR and WMR headsets. The oriental art style in this game looks impressive, it seems like the art style of the most recent Zelda, but it also has a Sword Art Online anime feel to it. In Nostos you will have survival elements, where you have to eat and drink to restore physical strength, collect materials and build houses and use melee weapons or long-range firearms to fight against monsters. While doing that, you can quest with others to explore the land and discover the story. The developers have recently confirmed that the open world map will have a size of 10 by 10 kilometer at the start. Up to 20 people can play the game together, but the devs recommend a 4 to 6 people team. Gameplay will include driving vehicles, various seasons that will affect gameplay, the growth of plants and ecosystems. You’ll have weapon upgrades, dynamic combat, camping, and climbing. We are the most excited for this title, so we sincerely hope this game can bring what it promises. It will release in the third quarter of this year.

17. Borderlands 2 VR

Borderlands 2 VR was released in December 2018 for PSVR only. The trailer however clearly states that it is a five-month exclusive period, so this almost definitely means that this game will come out for PC VR too in 2019. We cannot wait to roam Pandora in full room scale. If you haven’t yet, check out our review of the PSVR version. I’ve linked it below.

16. Failspace VR

Fail SpaceFailspace is a co-op space simulator action VR game where you operate a space truck that comes fully equipped with everything you need to make space delivery possible. You are not going to be able to work a big space truck alone though, so you’ll need a crew. You and your team are tasked to deliver the cargo, but space comes with many dangers, so it will be up to you all to work together and get it delivered as quickly as possible. The challenges during your job can be, for example, a fire in the space truck which someone has to put out, but while they do that you need to decide whether to fix the shield or find out how it started before it starts again. Or maybe a light bulb needs to be changed? You might need to figure out first which light bulb, while the others keep the ship from exploding. Each play session lasts around 10 minutes and will be chaotic, but comical. This game can be played with up to 4 other players online. FailSpace sounds like a game with intense teamplay, which is great because playing with others online always makes each playthrough different.

15. Defector

Defector VR gamesDefector is an action, undercover spy thriller VR game by Twisted Pixel, developers of Wilson’s Heart. This is looking like a game straight from an action movie like Mission Impossible. You are an undercover spy equipped with advanced weapons for close combat, but also long ranged ones. You’ll be chasing down people by running on rooftops, jumping from building to building or even jumping off an airplane. You can drive in cars that look like an even more advanced Tesla. These are all possible scenarios in Defector. This will be a game with a lot of action and intense gameplay, but there will also be a voiced storyline with advanced player-NPC conversations that can change the story depending on what answers you pick. There are already Defector demo gameplay videos available, which look very promising. We are looking forward to seeing what these experienced VR developers can do with this exciting upcoming title.

14. Star Wars: Vader Immortal VR

Star Wars: Vader Immortal VRDuring Oculus Connect 5, the Star Wars: Vader Immortal VR series was teased. Vader Immortal will be a cinematic and interactive experience. A three-part VR series about a yet untold story in the Star Wars universe. In collaboration with Oculus, ILMxLAB – which is Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment division – will bring us inside Star Wars where we will be able to wield a lightsaber. Hear Darth Vader’s breathing behind you and then physically turn around to face him. This will be any Star Wars fans dreams come true. It is going to be an exciting game to look out for, and we cannot wait. The VR game will release with Oculus’ new Quest VR headset in Spring 2019.

13. OrbusVR Reborn

Orbus VR RebornOrbusVR Reborn is the first expansion to OrbusVR, right now the only VRMMO designed only for Virtual Reality. It was a popular Kickstarter game that reached their goals and now played by many players every day. It features an open world, multiple classes with their skills, many quests, dungeons, and raids. There are pets, alchemy, artificing, and fishing too. Most of the elements an MMORPG has. The first OrbusVR had a simple art style though, which many people found off-putting, but if you start playing - you’ll most likely forget about the graphics and enjoy it if you are into the genre. We are glad to see that an expansion is coming soon with the art style re-imagined, new enemies, new dungeons and raids, new classes and so forth. And we feel it is looking beautiful. The expansion will be free for all existing owners of OrbusVR. If you haven’t taken a look at Orbus yet, we recommend you to do it now. Be aware though; it is very addictive and fun.

12. Prey: Typhon Hunter

Prey Typhon HunterPrey: Typhon Hunter is a DLC for Prey and requires the full Prey game to play. The flat version of Prey: Typhon Hunter multiplayer is already out including the VR single player escape rooms. However, the full multiplayer VR version will be out early 2019 which will support all significant VR platforms. In the VR multiplayer game, a team of five players plays as Typhons, the shape-shifting Mimic aliens. They can transform themselves into everyday objects to hide and evade detection. The 6th player will play as the hunter Morgan Yu who will try and hunt down these aliens. This is a hide-and-seek kind of game, where either the hunter or the aliens will prevail. It will be very cool to see how this game transforms in VR.

11. Angry Birds VR

Angry_Birds_VR_Isle_of_PigsAngry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs is the infamous bird-slinging puzzle game for mobile, but now coming for VR. I don’t think we need to explain much about this game if you have never tried it before, download it now on your phone and check out the gameplay. It is a casual puzzle game that can get you addicted in no time. We feel a game like this could be a lot of fun in VR and it will be comical to get our virtual hands on the cute characters and gameplay mechanics of this game. We are looking forward to it! This game is set to release early 2019 on all significant VR headsets.

10. Space Junkies

Space_JunkiesSpace Junkies is an online multiplayer VR arcade shooter in space. It is by triple-A game developer Ubisoft and has been out for beta testing for a while now with promising results. In Space Junkies you are equipped with a jetpack and a variety of advanced space guns. This can be Sun-blasters to Bio-guns. Completely packed in a space suit, you’ll enter space where you’ll be flying while battling it out in 2 vs. 2 or 1 vs. 1 battle. This game features a full VR embodiment which allows you to see your whole body, making it more realistic. It is a fast-paced, adrenaline-packed and competitive VR shooter game that looks beautiful and polished. We are looking forward to it.

9. Trover Saves the Universe

Trover Saves the UniversTrover Saves the Universe is a game by Squanch Games and voiced by Justin Roiland. Knowing this, you already know that this game will be hilarious. In this game, a lunatic has kidnapped your dogs and stuffed them into his eye holes. He is now using their life essence to destroy the universe. It is up to you to save the universe all together with your friend Trover. This game features an interesting first- and third-person action gameplay, where you control Trover in the third person and yourself. This is going to be a comedic, polished game as expected from these developers and it will be released on PS4 and PSVR. After playing Accounting, a game from the same developers, we cannot wait to get into their crazy, creative and funny worlds again.

8. Vacation Simulator

Vacation SimulatorFrom the creators of Job Simulator and Rick and Morty VR comes a new game called Vacation Simulator, and it looks just as fun! Much like Job Simulator, robots have taken over the world in Vacation Simulator. However, their knowledge about humans are not extensive enough, so they are researching how humans live, work and now, also how they go on holiday. The developers promise that this is going to be a more narrative-driven experience than Job Simulator and even a longer game. There are busy adding new features too, like an avatar customization feature so that you can be who you want. It also looks like people watching the VR player can choose how they watch them play, either with a third person camera or through a mobile app using augmented reality. The latter is an experimental feature. We love VR games that can make us smile throughout, and we think this is going to be the title to look out for.

7. Half Life VR

Half Life VRWhile there isn’t much information on Half Life VR yet, last year Valve president Gabe Newell confirmed that the studio is working on three VR games. We suspect that one of these games will be Half Life VR prequel. Last year, photos of a new VR headset by Valve themselves was leaked. It is rumored that the Half Life VR game will be bundled with this VR headset as well as the highly anticipated Valve Knuckles Controllers. We are hoping to hear more about this in 2019. Exciting times.

6. Lone Echo

Lone Echo VRIf you ask us what game we recommend playing on the Oculus Rift, we will most likely name Lone Echo. The story-driven space adventure game with fantastic hand animations. It is immersive and just beautiful. Last year, during Oculus Connect 5, a sequel of Lone Echo was teased, and we are so looking forward to this. The trailer shows that the game will most likely continue where it left off in the story in the first Lone Echo. If you haven’t tried Lone Echo yet, this is the time to get it before the sequel comes out.

5. Star Child

Star Wars Vader ImmortalStar Child is a narrative-driven action adventure and cinematic platformer VR game coming to the PSVR. The story follows the journey of protagonist Spectra and her companion – I am guessing that is us! She’s on a critical mission to an alien planet but discovers an enemy that is threatening to destroy everything. Spectra will have the ability to control the environment and use that power to fight back. This is a game that looks beautiful, and we are hoping that another platformer on the PSVR will be able to give another fantastic and emotional experience as Moss did. It certainly seems promising. A couple of weeks ago, PlayStation 4 owners that pre-ordered the game got a message from PlayStation that the game was canceled, however, this was a mistake, and the developers of Star Child has said on Twitter that the game is not canceled. Phew.

4. Stormland

StormLand VRStormland is a game by Insomniac Games, triple-A developers who recently released the top-rated Spider-Man game on PlayStation 4. Stormland is a multiplayer open world game where you are an android. This gives you the ability to jump high, climb, glide and fly through the world with complete freedom. There will be intense combat in this game. Using explosives, guns, electricity, melee attacks and so forth. There are weapon upgrades and even upgrades to yourself, where you can pull off your arm and put on an upgraded arm. You’ll be scavenging for loot to craft the upgrades you want. Play how you like. It’s up to you. You can play this game single-player or online multiplayer. We have tried the single player demo of this game during Oculus Connect 5, and we feel this is going to be one of the games that will bring a lot of excitement in 2019.

3. A Fisherman’s Tale

A Fisherman's TaleA Fisherman’s Tale is a puzzle adventure game, developed by Innerspace VR and published by Arizona Sunshine developers Vertigo Games. Gameplay videos of a demo of this game were released not long ago, and there have been positive sounds. A Fisherman’s Tale is a unique game that very cleverly uses the power of VR and scaling. For example, You’ll be toying around in a tiny little model lighthouse, inside a lighthouse, inside another lighthouse. Strange right? It is a creative game with mind-bending puzzles. We have a thing for unique and original VR games, so this is going to be a must-play for us. A Fisherman’s Tale will release on Steam and PSVR.

2. Golem

Golem VRGolem is a game announced in 2015 already, but still in development. It was set to launch in 2018, but the developers have pushed it back to 2019 to polish the game and to deliver an experience that they can be proud of. In Golem you play as a kid who has been seriously injured, so you are stuck in bed at home. However, like a curious kid you still dream of exploring the outside world. Magically, you develop the power to control stone creatures known as golems. At first, you’re only able to create small ones to explore the room, but soon you’ll be able to create a giant one to explore the outside world. It sounds like you’ll be going from the kid to the differently sized golems in the first person seeing the world in different scales, which seems like a unique and exciting concept. The game looks mysterious and a bit dark. It has a beautiful environment with ancient structures, igniting my curiosity to explore. This is why we are looking forward to this title and hoping for a release soon.

1. Firmament

Firmament VRFirmament is a steampunk adventure game from the indie studio that also brought Myst and Obduction. Judging from the trailer and gameplay videos, it looks like it has a fantastic environmental art style. In this game you go through a magical journey, exploring four diverse realms. You work together with a clockwork companion, a buddy that you can use to navigate and to interact with objects in the distance. It sounds like a puzzle adventure game, and it will probably contain some challenging ones, knowing the developers. Not much information has been released yet on this game, but we are hoping for a release in 2019.

So, out of all these games which one are you the most excited for this year?


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