Do all virtual reality headset need a phone?

You may have noticed a lot of VR headsets on the market that require a phone. These demos usually show someone with a plastic shell or a cardboard type of contraption. Working with this device, they pop a phone in and place it on their face. Once attached to their eyes, the user tends to “ooh” and “aah” of the world in front of them. So do you need a phone to use VR?

You don't necessarily need a phone for your VR headset depending on the model that you have. In the virtual reality World, there are three types of headsets. These include stereoscopic add-ons that require a phone, your more powerful headsets that require a computer and headsets that are Standalone devices. Depending on your needs, budget and the desired experience, you can choose from any one of these types of VR headsets. The prices differ depending on the type of device that you want.

Among the lower priced models are the stereoscopic devices. These devices do not give you the full VR effect but can give you a desirable experience. Devices like the Google Daydream, Samsung Gear and others work great for viewing 360 photos and videos. The gameplay can be a little bit rudimentary since you cannot entirely move around the environment or render High poly or mid poly objects. Most consumers go to these products because of the attractive price points. Some of these devices can be purchased under $100. Others can be cobbled together using a do-it-yourself kit that bought online. These do-it-yourself kits include Google cardboard and other open end competitors.

I would recommend using one of these devices if you're not sure about the experience that you want to have in VR. You are new to the market, or you are looking for something that you can use once and don't plan to go to again. The experience is on these devices usually depends on the phones that you have. Most of these systems are available on the Android platform. Samsung is one of the leaders in pushing this type of technology to the consumer Market.

You do not need a phone to explore the VR world. Most devices can use your PC, or they run on their platform with their processor. These options are usually on the higher end of the price scale. I recommend using these devices if you're new to the market and want a sample what VR has to offer. Buying the Google dream, Samsung Gear or doing one of these cardboard DIY kits, will not break your budget. Once you experience these products, you may want to break free from the limitations of your phone's processor. At that point, you may be able to justify the higher price-point that some of the other more powerful models have to offer.

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